About Axel

Axel BuhrmannAxel Bührmann is a South African writer, editor and photographer.

He has been an editor at Brainstorm, managing editor of Livdigital Independent News, and before that was publisher and managing editor of both the print and on-line versions of Charged Southern Africa magazine.

Other previous stints include South African editor of the renowned PC Magazine, Inter@ctive Week (now eWeek), as well as ZDNet Online Africa, one of the earliest local on-line news services in South Africa.

He has written for and edited traditional media, including The Star and Financial Mail.

Between all of this, he was also a judge on the Siemens Profile Awards panel.

He is also very socially active online, using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google +, and Flickr.

Bührmann has an Honours degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Rhodes University.